The Sanusi Construction Group, a Construction, Engineering Consultanting, and Real Estate Management & Development company, and Architecture Modeling. It’s founded by Abubakar Sanusi Yahya S. Sanusi. A Nigerian born in November 11 1993. A student of Computer Science and Information System in the University of Umm Al-Qura, in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Also known as a social media blogger, a young entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Abubakar Sanusi has always had so much love and passion for architecture, and has always been dedicated to getting into the construction and real estate business. He is also the Chairman and Founder of The Sanusi Corporation, a multi-strategy (emphasis on multi) investment manager originally based in Lagos, with assets under management. Our motor is “Improving the neighborhood one block at a time”. The Sanusi Construction Group puts the best into each and every building project – the best materials, people, and technologies. Sanusi Construction Group’s reputation for quality can be seen in more than 10,000,000 square feet of completed construction projects in more than one location, Kano State, Kwara State , and Lagos State.